Hungarian artist Zita Som says she was born with art in her blood, both of her parents are artists so she grew up surrounded by art and creativity. When Zee was 18 she moved to London, she spoke very little English but was kept motivated by the idea of success. Zee studied art once she moved to London, but it wasn’t until her maternity leave that she began trying to pursue art as a fulltime career, she realised this way she would be able to do something she was passionate about but also be able to be around her children while they grew up. Zee creates unique and quirky artworks, blending it with current trends and styles. Zee describes herself as a mixed media/digital artist and likes to experiment with acrylic paints, inks and various mediums. “I’d call my style pop art, or mixed media implemented with the benefit of digital technology. I enjoy a freestyle approach to the use of media; I orchestrate the visual components using a variety of techniques. By scanning painted and drawn media into pixels, I manipulate and integrate the imagery with digital painting.” Zee is self taught and has said that she has little awareness or concern for the art ‘rules’, she finds herself with a natural tendency to break them- this is how she has come up with her own unique style.

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