Tommy Fiendish

Tommy Fiendish is a full time artist based in London, he has made his mark in many different creative fields as a musician, street artist, sign-writer, TV set designer and tattoo artist. Tommy draws on these unique experiences and uses them in his current practice as a freelance painter. Tommy graduated with a first-class degree from LCC and is currently studying at RCA to complete his masters in painting. Tommy's core process lies with acrylics, spray paint and enamel on linen; his work is often experimental, combining expressive marks and gestural abstract ideas with pockets of graphic detail. His modern baroque paintings reference vintage image and surreal metaphors to depict contemporary situations, often with darkly humorous overtones. Tommy is known for his use of bright bold colours and confident brush strokes, he guides us through his magical imagination across a sea of colour, deserted buildings and majestic animals. IIF Gallery particularly love Tommy’s staircase series. He is brilliant at painting surreal metaphors rather than literal interpretation to communicate his ideas. The graffiti in the background often referring to a sense of life; someone was once in this abandoned building. The windows in several of his Staircase series remind us of Rene Magritte’s artwork. After consideration, we wonder what is real and what is based on a false premise. Why are these majestic animals in such an odd setting? Do they exist in a dystopian society? His work is brilliant and striking, often leaving us wanting to know more.