Tom Butler

Tom Butler is a UK based artist creating breath-taking collages using a whole range of materials; Tom can look at something as simple as a section of a crossword puzzle and envision a block of flats, a wine bottle, or a church spire- this unique approach to looking at art creates intrigue to the piece, there are so many little easter eggs that you can find within the art each time you look at it. Tom was inspired to create after going on holiday with his wife to a town in the South of France called Uzès, while in this town he was mesmerised by the light, colour, and textures- the bright awnings and parasols amongst weathered stone buildings, huge, faded adverts that were hand painted onto sides of buildings. Tom has said that this is where he was first drawn to having text within a painting. Travel is still a huge influence to his art, over the years he has travelled to Paris, New York and Venice; Tom is also finds inspiration within the UK and often creates works based on the Cornish coast. Tom’s showstopping works are available at IIF Gallery.

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