The Trunk Of Funk

Gareth Tristan Evans, was born in Singapore then raised in a remote Welsh valley, he now lives and works in Macclesfield. Gareth is a mixed media artist creating highly detailed artworks often featuring popular media motifs to create unique contemporary pieces, his work has gathered increased interest from contemporary art collectors in the UK and abroad. Gareth takes much of his artistic influence from Eastern symbolism and imagery, often creating 21st century versions of traditional imagery- you can see this in his latest series ‘Modern Geisha’. Gareth also takes influence from street art with his use of layers and material, he paints on wood board which almost gives it the effect of painting onto wall. Each piece includes handcrafted layers of gold leaf, acrylic, Hanko stamps and Japanese postage stamps, 3D relief tiles are often woven into the artwork. Gareth uses a range of techniques from photography to digital to traditional pen and brush, he feels it’s important to not let the need to confirm to traditional artistic rules constrain the way you create- he uses any materials and whatever skills are required to achieve the desired result. Gareth states “Each piece of artwork that leaves my studio must reach my quality threshold. I'm a detail obsessive. Every time someone chooses to purchase an artwork I have created, I never fail to be delighted. It's a privilege and makes the makes the whole process worth while." We are delighted to have his work at IIF Gallery.

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