Richard Blunt

Richard Blunt is a UK based artist specialising in Fine Art painting. Richard has always been a creative person, studying 3D design in school, however in his 20’s he found himself homeless in a strange town with only the possessions carried in his pockets- it was at this point in his life that he rediscovered his creative side and spent the next few years playing music, he played for multiple bands before returning to education. Richard began painting with oils for the first time and instantly loved it. Richard has developed into his own style of painting and found something uniquely him, since then he has sold his paintings to independent galleries and privately. Richard’s inspiration comes from artists such as Vermeer and Caravaggio, he admires the way they paint with dramatic use of light and realism, you can see those influences in his current work but in his own unique way. Richard wants his pieces to create a story or some kind of mystery, he likes the challenge of being able to capture that feeling from a single image. As with most artists, as his life changes, so does his work. Gradually evolving from his earlier compositions, themes of love and happiness have started to emerge in his paintings.

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