Pure Evil

Pure Evil, or Charles Uzzell-Edwards, is a graffiti and street artist known by his tag of a vampire bunny rabbit which bore from the artist’s feeling of remorse after shooting a rabbit in the countryside as a child. Charley has been surrounded by art his whole life, he is the son of the late Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. Charley has stated that the name ‘Pure Evil’ is a bit of a joke, he likes to have fun with dark imagery and reflect on the darkness in the world right now. Pure Evil moved to California to avoid the ruins of Thatcher’s Britain, in California he was working as a designer for a clothing label called Anarchic Adjustment, he was producing screen-printed t-shirt graphics, after this he became heavily involved in the electronic music scene in San Francisco. While in the states, Pure Evil was born! He began painting ‘Dump Bush’ and other political messages on freeways, or ‘Murderers’ on gun stores. After spending 10 years in California and being inspired by his fellow street artists he returned to London and started painting Pure Evil bunny rabbits everywhere. Pure Evil has now exhibited in China, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA, and all over Europe. Charley has collectors all over the world, we are proud to have his work at IIF Gallery.

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