Paul Wright

Paul Wright is a Leicester based artist who graduated from Falmouth College of Art, after winning The National Gallery’s BP Portrait Award in 2006, his success has continued to propel, and was again shortlisted for the prize in 2015. He is well established for his breathtaking portraiture, using flared brushstrokes and striking colours to capture the movement and essence of his subjects. His dynamic artworks are bursting with vitality, and whether the subject is static or in motion, he still manages to create unique and vivid stirring. Wright draws a distinct inspiration from Impressionism and Cubism, in bringing to life the nature of his subjects through vibrant shapes and bold colours. His heavy brushstrokes govern the space of canvas, with his muses becoming a hypnotic centrepiece. The directness of his subjects’ bold personalities aims to evoke sincerity and therefore an intimacy with the viewer.

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