Paola Cassias

Paola Cassias was born in Florence in 1970 and now lives in Spain,  she is self-taught and worked in decoration and window dressing. Paola was influenced by her father who also paints, she has always thought about Italian art and the role art plays on society. Paola feels as though Italian art needs to be renewed, Paola’s unique and distinct style certainly is the renewal people have been hoping for! Paola’s commitment to transforming art lead her to be part of some significant groups in the Italian art scene, she develops a painting of expressionist and provocative character. In the 90’s Paola began a period where she was very interested in urban landscape, reducing it to a chromatic range of greys, blues and ochers. Paola’s recent work has been more about investigating static movement, the figures she paints have become a visual rhythm.

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