Nadia Attura

British Photographer and painter Nadia Attura graduated from UAL in Photojournalism, her work encapsulates a sense of striking surrealism within the natural world. Her blend of fine art, photography, and collaging is entrancing, you can get lost in her art for hours, the closer you look the more beauty there is to discover. Nadia creates a utopia of her own, with her vibrant use of colour enhancing the wildness of her natural landscapes. She captures her vision with her photography trained background using a blend of digital and analogue photography, merged with her use of collaging she creates a multidimensional cinematic style. In her final touches of her work she applies additional detail of washes, paints, ink and chalk onto her final editions. Since graduating in 1999, Nadia’s career has flourished and for the last five years she has been a favourite at The Other Art Fair and The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition in 2016 and 2019. Nadia has gained recognition across London, exhibiting in galleries such as A l’Etage, Gallery Close, Jo’s House and Imitate Gallery. Her work has also been featured globally in publications such as Vogue Germany, The Guardian, The New York Times, The World of Interiors, Aesthetica Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

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