Michelle Mackie

Michelle Mackie, or Dolly, is a photographer, digital artist, and visual storyteller. Michelle loves telling stories through her art, she is always daydreaming and wants to capture part of what she comes up with in her head. Through art, Michelle has been able to explore her own psyche, recreating forgotten joys and life’s loves, she presents her inner self; her emotions, memories, and fears, she has combined the magic from fairy tales and nightmares in a beautiful way. Michelle started creating art as a hobby and an outlet, but it turned into much more! In 2014 Michelle was asked to exhibit her work in a local gallery, this sparked a true passion and motivated Michelle to build on her skills and create her own style. Every one of Michelle’s shoots are carefully planned, she takes her time and thinks about every little detail- you can see how much work has been put in when you look at the final result. Once the photograph has been taken she stitches the photos together using multiple layers, she then adjusts the colours and tones to make it feel that extra bit surreal. Michelle uses her talents to find beauty in dark places. We are proud to have Michelle’s work at IIF Gallery.

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