Matt Buckley - Edge Sculpture

Matt Buckley is a sculptor with over 20 years’ experience. Matt started his career by following in the footsteps of his step father, Robert Harrop. Matt has personally sculpted so many incredible licenced figurines, some examples include Beano, Roald Dahl and Bagpuss, many of these figurines are still being produced to this day. Matt is Creative Director of Robert Harrop Designs LTD, Matt’s skills, ability and knowledge of sculpting is beyond impressive. Edge Sculpture, which is Matt’s own venture, are all about striking, emotionally evocative, modern and yet still affordable pieces. Edge Sculpture is inspired by style rather than subject, he mixes forms, light and texture to give a unique feel to each piece. Each sculpture has been made with clay, they then take moulds of the original sculpture to ensure that it is a faithful reproduction, this is done with marble stone castings. The final step is hand-painting the sculpture, giving it that beautiful, vibrant finished look.

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