Mark Petty

Mark Petty is a half English, half Irish self-taught artist based in London. Mark worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for 22 years, during this time he produced work for brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Porsche- this time working in the industry has allowed him to produce high quality work to an industry standard. Mark is very unique with his approach, he works using a complex and interesting technique called reverse hand-pulled screen printing; what this entails is screen printing in reverse directly onto glass and incorporating gold & silver leaf, paint and diamond dust. Every single work is different, which is why being a collector of Mark’s artwork is such a unique thing. Mark’s more recent work has had a strong environmental focus, his collection ‘Ocean Life’ is made entirely from recycled materials or plastic from the ocean. The glass on these frames were locally sourced and the actual frames were made in collaboration with, counteracting the carbon on each frame. IIF Gallery are very happy to be working with Mark Petty.

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