Lee Herring

Lee Herring was born in Sunderland, North-East England. Lee studied Fine Art at the University of Chester and left with a first-class degree, he was awarded the coveted University Prize. After leaving university Lee was approached by galleries and managed to become a full-time artist. Lee’s paintings are typically still life, most commonly flowers in a vase- he has reinvented the subject by making something that has been done so many times, feel modern and fresh. Lee’s pieces combine textured oils, spray paint, varnish and other embellishments such as gold leaf and glow-in-the-dark glitter. Lee’s paintings are full of expression and energy, his unique approach to art makes his work that much more intriguing. Lee’s technique involves starting with a simple composition and then adding layers to add depth and complexity, once he starts layering the piece he adds more and more paint then scratches parts away with scrapers- each mark is clear but not deliberate, finger marks are sometimes left in pieces which adds to the authenticity. Lee exhibits worldwide and has a large following, his work can also be found in galleries around the UK, including IIF Gallery.

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