Yorkshire born Contemporary artist, Leander’s vision came from growing up surrounded by the breath-taking Yorkshire countryside, where he began to appreciate the natural beauty of the Yorkshire moors, and charming British villages. This translates to his work through light and ambiance. He uses this nostalgic appreciation to blend his love for urban spaces, and the natural world, which sets a unique atmosphere to his work, both romantic, moody and dreamlike. His inspiration derives from the impressionist movement and the works of artists such as Gustave Caillebotte, Edward Hopper and contemporary artists such as Jack Vettriano. Leander uses elements of his inspirations to create his own unique vision, transforming the dullness of rainy landscapes into idyllic film-like scenes. To encapsulate the mood of his work, Leander experiments with different mediums and techniques, with a meticulous range of approaches. He merges metallic digital baseplates with layers of high sheen resin, to thereby master a remarkable depth and luminosity in his artworks, enhancing the imagery the weather and inviting viewers into his romantic utopia.

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