Laura Pedley

Laura is an exceptionally talented UK based artist, she combines Abstract with Landscape, blurring the lines between the two to evoke a striking atmosphere. She finds her sanctuary in the disarray of the stormy seasons and brings this to life through her paintings. Laura brings her emotive work down to earth with her choice to paint on a wooden panel gives her pieces an element of the natural world. She says ‘I look for the tensions between order and chaos, drawing my inspiration from the transitions between different layers found within the landscape to create works that invite you to share in my experiences’. Laura has recently rediscovered her creativity after experiencing motherhood for the first time, getting lost in her artistry to express the tranquillity found in the uncertainty of change. There is a unique sense of peace that is found in Laura’s work, pinpointing the calm found within the storm through spacious landscapes, seascapes and skies.

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