Kimberley Harris

Kimberley Harris encapsulates the nature that surrounds her home in the UK’s picturesque Suffolk countryside. She has built her unique style that arose from her admiration with the power of natural light that transform landscapes, with contrasting shadows and reflecting colours as the day goes by. Each of her pieces has an entrancing depth, which she brings forward through a process of layering colours, using a palette knife to experiment with tone and texture. Deeply inspired by J.M.W Turner and impressionist art. Kimberley Harris on her work notes “I quickly developed my own signature style, focusing on the natural beauty of the countryside that I am so lucky to be surrounded by. With an emphasis on colour and light and how one affects the other at different times of the day, Turners artistic inspiration is never far from my thoughts. The process of layering and blending the palette knife work to obtain the right tone, texture and light is so important to me.” Kimberley Harris success has continued to grow rapidly, and she has sold paintings all over the UK and at an international reach.

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