Joe Galindo

Joe Galindo was born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire. After his university degree he began to pursue his true passion and talent of painting from animals to icons, he then launched his striking signature abstract style and landscapes into galleries. At 24 years old he went traveling, moving to Vietnam. He ventured across Asia before landing in Australia. It was here that he practiced art and gained recognition in Melbourne and Sydney. Galindo was continually inspired by his travels, especially jungles, nature, coastlines, and wildlife. In 2022, after his final stop in Sri-Lanka he returned home to channel his newfound passion for the world into creating spectacular artworks. Galindo’s unique style creates a striking yet inviting quality, his layering of different painting techniques adds an extra dimensional depth that gives an originally fierce flare to his work. Commanding the space of the canvas with his use of bright colours and confident brush strokes, he attempts to mirror his own emotion and capture his awe in the face of the spectacles he encountered traveling, inviting the viewer to share the same experience through the language of art. Joe Galindo experiments with a variety of tools when applying paint to his canvas, including spoons, nails, and bits of rubber. Each piece is unique due to his free and sporadic painting techniques, and impossible to recreate.

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