JJ Adams

JJ Adams is a creative genius that works in the digital medium where there is no wait for pixels to dry. He fuses different mediums whenever possible and adds in his own photographic work and pushes the limit of his creativity. JJ uses a range of media from spray painting, airbrushing, stencilling screen print, collage alongside the digital composite and graffiti of course. Remember it’s not about the medium it is the image that is the message.  In JJ Adams case he hides his messages throughout the image requiring the viewer to engage with his artwork.  He takes iconic buildings and people we know and love to create his own brand.  JJ has been featured in Vogue and GQ and worked alongside such luminaries as Rolls Royce, Bang & Olufsen and Michelin star restaurant The Frog. Many charities work with JJ Adams to raise funds through the sale of his artworks including raising money for the NHS during lockdown. This rebellious son of a Baptist preacher spent his youth around the studio of South African contemporary artist Derric van Rensburg where he discovered graphic art and the use of colour. When he came back to Plymouth JJ studied commercial printing and is a self-taught graphic designer. Currently, JJ Adams is living the good life in West Sussex with his wife, their 5 children and two dogs. Since 2011 JJ Adams has been part of the IIF gallery family of artists.

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