Jenni Murphy

Jenni Murphy is a full-time artist working in Norwich- she has a degree in illustration, during her time at university her love of storytelling and painting expanded, getting her to where she is today. Jenni’s work is instantly recognisable due to its dreamlike qualities, she creates intimate worlds with her distinctive brushstrokes, deep colours, beautiful creatures and motifs. She often includes people in her work, little figures only a centimetre high, though small, they are full of movement and emotion. Something so special about Jenni’s work is the sense of childlike wonder she manages to capture, the essence of her paintings are real and authentic, but with a dreamy nature. Jenni’s artistic process includes venturing out with a sketchbook and drawing real people and situations, she then works with acrylics on panel in order to intensify the colours, she builds up the layers till she is left with something magical.

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