Jaanika Talts

Jaanika Talts is a Estonian born artist, her artistic journey has been quite unique to other artists, not starting painting until her 40’s. Jaanika studied physiotherapy in Finland, lived in Sweden, ended up in Ireland and ran her own beauty salon, she did it all! After feeling tired of being in the beauty industry and wanting to change things in her life, she picked up a paintbrush and found an outlet. She describes each brushstroke feeling like a secret language between the painter and the surface, and the colours are words unspoken. Painting gave her the happiness and peace she had been craving. Now as a full-time artist, Jaanika spends much of her time in her Dublin studio or back in Estonia, she likes to be surrounded by nature of the forest and the wild animals that inhabit it. Jaanika is self-taught, and goes by the rule of ‘if you do something wrong, at least you are not aware of it’. Jaanika’s main focus of her painting is colour, how colour can affect our moods and help us make decisions, she paints mainly for herself, but also to inspire others and hopefully make them feel something.

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