Gary Walton

Gary Walton is an artist from Worcester, UK. Before working as a full-time artist, Gary worked as a graphic designer where he developed his technical abilities while painting on the side. Gary’s current style is influenced by the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, his goal is to depict ethereal scenes, often blurring the line between dream and reality. Something unique about Gary’s work is how his ideas are born, he has said that many of his works come from dreams- he likes the idea of art coming from the subconscious mind: “I looked deep inside myself to create my individual style of art. It took time to adapt my passion for surrealism to bring my work to life until my creation was born”. Some main features of Gary’s work include the coast and its elements, such as boats, beach huts and lighthouses. Whimsical buildings on rolling hills or cliffs transport the audience to Gary’s dreamlike state. Gary is a keen philanthropist and donates his art to individuals and charities on a regular basis, he has exhibited his work all around the world. We are thrilled to have Gary Walton’s work at IIF Gallery.

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