Edward Waite

Edward Waite a Sheffield born artist has travelled extensively where he sketched the cities and references them in many of his paintings today. Known for his vivid 3D cityscapes, Edward has painted iconic landmarks from cities around the world including Paris, New York, and of course, London. Each work perfectly captures the bright lights and constant rush of urban life, thanks to his bold, colour-filled technique; first inspired by ketchup bottles in a New York Diner! His vast portfolio now consists of an array of different projects. Last year, saw Edward collaborate with a Saville Row Tailor, to design a suit with his painting printed onto the lining and more recently his artwork has also been wrapped around a full-scale replica phone box! Another of these projects combines art with technology, the new Edward Waite App, allows people all over the world to engage with Edward's artwork by creating their own virtual cityscape using his signature sauce bottles. Waite admits that he would look upwards all the time which led to him tripping often as he took a walk around the city. Apart from these buildings, Waite has also been influenced by painters Kiefer, Pollock and Kline.

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  • The Bright Lights Of The Big Apple

    by Edward Waite £3,295.00
  • London’s Silver City

    by Edward Waite £3,295.00
  • Our Silver City

    by Edward Waite £1,495.00
  • NYC Love

    by Edward Waite £1,595.00
  • Romance In London

    by Edward Waite £1,595.00 Out Of Stock
  • A Winter Walk To St Pauls

    by Edward Waite £1,495.00 Out Of Stock
  • A Winter Walk To Westminster

    by Edward Waite £1,495.00 Out Of Stock
  • Piccadilly Circus

    by Edward Waite £1,495.00 Out Of Stock
  • The Best of London

    by Edward Waite £3,295.00 Out Of Stock