Courty Neon Art

Courty is a childhood nickname that Rob Court adopted as his signature for his collection of neon artworks.  He is a highly respected and well know craftsman of the 100-year-old tradition of glassblowing neon tubes lights and has been dedicated to the craft since 1987. Although not classically trained he is a Master level neon glass blower who pushes the boundaries with his art and sculptures.  He is the man to go to for high end neon fabrication.  Courty’s knowledge and technical expertise means he is in a unique position to produce beautiful light art.  He has spent his career illuminating the City of London and has worked on international film sets and backdrops for TV and Theatre.   Chances are you have been privileged to unknowingly been enlightened by his work before today. He has fabricated neon art for collectors around the world including world leaders, stars and the rich & famous. His work has reach such high levels but his art is still available at all levels financially making it collectible and affordable to all loves of neon art.  Explore the written word of light and colour with Courty Neon Art.

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