Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers are an art duo known for their work that combines the old and the new. Their work contains vintage imagery, predominately pinup girls, with phrases that often juxtapose the actual image, the two combined create an interesting dialogue. What is so interesting about The Connor Brothers is the stories that come with them, when they first were coming to fame they claimed to be twins born into a strange Californian cult, they wanted to keep their real identity as art dealers a secret to see if this made a difference in sales and public reaction. When the duo came clean about their identity it was met with amusement, this boosted their sales and prices, in 2020 they released a piece of art titled ‘The Bestest and Most Expensivist Painting in the History of Art’, this piece reached an incredible £44,100! The two artists are very passionate about political issues and social issues, much of their work has gone to help organisations and raise awareness- the reason for their passion may be due to their troubled upbringings, now being in a position with some power they want to use their platform to help others. The Connor Brothers artworks are available for purchase at IIF Gallery, shop now or see the work on display at our gallery.