Colin Brown

Colin Brown is a UK based fine artist, focusing on street scenes of the world. Colin gets inspiration from the impressionists and Fauvism, he likes the loose aspect of those styles and incorporates that into his own style, he makes it his own by adding a contemporary twist. When Colin paints he likes to think about the atmosphere, he wants the painting to feel as though it is a fleeting moment of time- it is important to him to not be constrained by detail, what is more important is capturing the light in the moment. Colin worked as an illustrator for 25 years, working on campaigns for companies such as Hasbro, Mattel and Cadbury, he later went on to illustrate for publishing companies and was commissioned by the Guinness Book Of World Records. Colin’s previous experience has influenced the way he creates art now, in his new style. Colin is available for commissions at IIF Gallery.

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