Colin Barnes (aka Barnzy)

Colin Barnes is a multi disciplinary artist based in South London and he has been running his own art practice since 2017 after graduating from the Camberwell College of Art. Colin's main interest is the reproduction and manipulation of images and materials through experimentation and instinctive processes: referring to this as a search for imperfection. Having always been drawn to ideas that seem to exist outside of any established boundaries. The approach to his practice usually involves traditional methods but essentially Colin seeks to shift and change conventional ways of working until he feels to have presented something new and unseen, or arrived at a kind of truth that was previously hidden. The main idea is about being simultaneously seen and unseen, hence the title, which Colin feels is essentially referencing a double racial existence. It's also a way of revisiting the question he had in mind while watching 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons as a child, which was "Where is the rest of that lady?" Colin has tried to complete the rest of the figure in a simple way.

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