Anup Shah

Anup Shah was born in Kenya, East Africa. Growing up one of his favourite activities there was visiting the national parks and watching the wild animals in their natural environments, this became the foundation for a career in wildlife photography. Anup wanted to find the sweet spot between Fine Art photography, and documentary photography, through experimentation he managed to find a beautiful combination of the two. Something special about Anup’s work is how all of his images are in black and white, when asked about this he said “I got frustrated with colour wildlife photography. Its primary use in this genre is to duplicate reality, i.e. document. Colour is too real. Yet when I am in the wild with the animals, they move me in an elemental way. I think black and white photography can communicate my feelings better. Black and white also has the potential to reveal the essence, to lift out the soul, of wild animals. It seems to capture the truth that lies beneath the surface.” Anup has been featured in countless exhibitions, books and magazines including The World’s Top Wildlife Photographers (Rotovision 2004), Horzu Magazine (as one of the five best wildlife photographers in the world) and many times in National Geographic. He is one of the ten ‘Masters’ featured in the book, Masters of Nature Photography (Natural History Museum 2013), and his peerless oeuvre has won him the title of Wildlife Photographer of the year an astonishing 14 times.

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