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If we haven’t managed to answer you question below, please give us a call on 0207 998 4729!
  • How long will my frame take to be framed? Framing times will vary depending on the amount of framing work we take on during the week and the time of year. On average we are now working to about a three-week lead time. We know it is longer than our previous week lead, but we are working very hard to keep up to date. Please call us for a specific date in which your frame with be ready.
  • Do you deliver artwork? Yes! All UK deliveries are free for orders £500 and over. If you would like a piece delivered outside of the UK, please call us for a quote.
  • Can I pay in instalments? Yes! When buying artwork, you can leave a deposit to secure the piece and ensure it is yours! You will then arrange a payment plan between you and the gallery. This is interest free too. Once you have paid for the artwork we will happily deliver it to you. In the meantime we keep it safe in the gallery!
  • Why is the artwork I like not showing up in my basket? There may be a couple of reasons for this to happen. The artwork you like could be sold out! If you are having trouble seeing your piece, please give us a call. The piece could be on reserve or on backorder. You have nothing to lose contacting us and let us do the research for you.
  • Why is my payment not going through? Our clearing house is Barclays and on the rare occasion there is a backlog. Please call us and we will check this for you and assist with your order. You can pay  in the gallery or via BACS. We will double check you have not been charged more than once.
  • Do the prices of the artwork include the frame? All prices include the frame unless stated otherwise.
  • Can I change the frame on a piece of art I like? Most of our works come into the gallery framed. If you would like a different frame, please call us. Some works can be ordered into the gallery unframed but it really depends on the piece. Please call us and ask. We also offer a framing service so we can guide you through different frames, mounts, and glass options.
  • I never received a confirmation email, did my order go through? When we receive an order, you get an automatic website confirmation email of your purchase. Because it is an automated email, sometimes it ends up in your spam folder, but trust us, it is not junk! Just to be safe, why not give us a call so we can make sure the piece is yours and send you your invoice.
  • What is an AP and/or PP? Good question! So both AP and PP mean different things! At the bottom of your print you will see the initials ‘PP’ or ‘AP’ rather than an edition number e.g. 1/50. The initials ‘AP’ means ‘Artists’ Proof’. With artists’ prints these are a necessary part of the production process, where Proofs are taken until the artist is happy with the print. When the artist and printers are happy with the quality, then the actual edition is printed. ‘AP’s’ and ‘PP’s’ are identical to the rest of a run of reproductions. ‘PP’ stands for ‘Printers Proof’. ‘AP’ and ‘PP’s’ were often kept by the artist and printers or gifted by the artist. These days one may think they are a better piece to buy in terms of investment but remember, it is the same image! Ethical publishers declare the entire edition size, including all artists’ proofs, making it clear that there are X amount of copies and X amount of ‘AP’s’ or ‘PP’s’. There are no other reproductions will be made.
  • Do you charge VAT? Yes, we are VAT registered and therefore all our products include VAT.
  • Can I claim VAT back? Generally yes if it is going to somewhere in the Europeon Union. But as guidelines do change please contact the gallery.  If you are buying from another country, please check your country’s guidelines. Exceptions do apply, phone us if you would like some advice.
  • Will my artwork be signed and is it genuine? Most of our artworks come with a certificate to authenticate and certify the artwork’s provenance. If it does not have one, this is most likely because the artist does not provide them and, in this case, we would be happy to provide a gallery certificate for you. Certificates of authenticity are very important to retain should you wish to re-sell the artwork in the future. If you are missing one, please get in touch with the gallery.

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